About us

Mack and May is written by two 30-something friends who were inspired to join forces and blog about their passion for all things beauty, home, lifestyle and shopping related.


Mack juggles a busy full-time office job, with raising 2 young children and managing an acute online shopping addiction. Aspiring blogger. Globetrotter (assuming Butlins counts?). Expert user of Paypal. Oily/Combination skin with the odd spot now and then. Lives with the hubby, the boys, the cat and the fragrance collection.


May spends a ridiculous amount of time writing lists and planning holidays (occasionally even booking them). Too clumsy for words, as the hubby and family will agree, and a devout chocoholic. Equally happy going for walks in the forest, strolling on windswept beaches and mooching round cities.  Paler than pale skin, with oily patches. Completely forgotten about natural hair colour.