Thursday, 8 October 2015

May reviews Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream

photo of garnier night creamA 'miracle' cream? That's quite a claim! As if anything could live up to that... So I thought when I opened a My Little Box a couple of months ago and saw this Garnier product.

Still, cynicism aside, I was on the look out for a new night cream and couldn't say no to something that made these promises:

"Its innovative, self-smoothing texture envelops the skin and visibly helps reduce the appearance of signs of fatigue during the night.
Visible results from the 1st morning:
• Skin feels intensely re-hydrated.
• Skin looks less tired.
• Complexion looks fresh and radiant.


When used every night, the formula helps reduce the appearance of the signs of ageing and tiredness.

The formula helps stimulate surface skin cell renewal for skin that looks refreshed and less tired. Skin looks smoother, wrinkles appear reduced and skin feels firmer, as if transformed."

close up photo of garnier packaging

I have been using the cream on and off for a couple of months now and I'm not sure my skin looks 'transformed', but it sure is a lovely product to use.
The product has a fresh scent and a lovely gel-like consistency which makes it feel fresh when you apply it onto cleansed skin. I have fairly oily, but sensitive, skin and this has neither broken me out nor given me any nightmares with sensitivity. Rather, my skin feels nourished as soon as I have applied it and I can go to sleep knowing that I am doing some good for my skin without putting much effort in. 

photo of garnier packaging

The best thing is how my skin looks and feels in the mornings. I am not sure I agree about making wrinkles appear reduced (although mine are mostly around my eyes, where you can't use this cream anyway), but I think my skin does look healthier after using this cream. It appears more plump and smooth. It glows IN A GOOD WAY and make up is nice and easy to apply. I think it's a safe tick for the  'rehydrated' claim. 

The product retails at £12.99 for 50ml and is readily available on the high street.

Packaging wise, it might be more hygienic and easier to control quantity-wise if it was in a pump bottle rather than a tub and I know that some have strong views about this, but seeing as you only use it straight after cleansing and therefore with clean hands, I don't think this is much of a problem assuming you don't leave the lid open for longer than it takes to scoop out some product. What I did find intriguing was that for weeks after using it regularly the pot still looked full every time I opened it - I guess that is the product's 'plumping' nature, and if it is doing that to itself in the jar, it must be doing something on my skin! 

back of garnier packaging

This one might well get added to my repurchase list!

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