Monday, 7 September 2015

Mack and May on a gut cleanse programme #3 Week Two of our gut cleansing experience

We’ve made it to the half way point in our 28-day gut cleansing programme inspired by Dr Junger's book "Clean Gut"….hurrah! 

If you missed our previous posts, have a look here (introduction to the programme) and here (how week 1 went).

May: There’s no getting away from the fact that at times this week was tough. I was hungry A LOT and still thinking of food all the time, although I remain shocked by how much I was eating before this programme that I really didn’t ‘need’ to eat. I have felt quite bloated and suffered with cramps a couple of times this week, which I think will be down to the extra fibre in my diet. The best thing for this seems to be fennel tea, which I really don’t like unfortunately. I am also at risk of turning into a chicken, considering how much of that I have eaten this week…I know there’s a lot you can do with it, but I am starting to get slightly bored of it now. Not being a big fish eater does mean that my options on that side of things are a little limited. BUT, I’m sticking with it. I’ve come across some really tasty recipes, which I’ll definitely be sharing in a future post.

ingredients for chicken dhansak
Ingredients for Olive magazine's chicken dhansak

raw chocolate company chocolate bar with orangeI mentioned last week that I’d placed an order with The Raw Chocolate Company. I had been looking for some raw cacao powder to make hot chocolates and the like, and was so pleased to come across these guys that made all sorts of chocolate treats. I’m not completely convinced that they are absolutely 100% in line with a clean gut diet, seeing as there seem to be different ideas on what is and is not allowed, but there has to be some pleasure to food, right?! I ordered a couple of the small chocolate bars, some cacao powder and some chocolate covered mulberries. The chocolate bars didn’t last 5 minutes once I’d opened them – it was so nice to have something as a treat. OK so they were not exactly what I am used to on the chocolate front, but I loved the freshness of the minty bar, and Mack enjoyed the orange flavoured one. I’ll definitely be ordering some more of these for the next two weeks! My first attempt at hot chocolate using the cacao powder and almond milk wasn’t great: I think I was a bit over-enthusiastic and the result was a bit too bitter, but I’ve since found that you can make a fab ‘chocolate milkshake’ with raw cacao powder, a banana and some almond milk!

raw chocolate company products

I’ve lost another pound this week and have definitely been feeling more alert and energised (for the most part). I’m also enjoying doing more cooking…but might not let on about that to my husband or he might expect me to take over the reins as chef on a more permanent basis.

Mack: Ok, so this week has not been as smooth-sailing as I would have liked. I kept hearing myself say “I AM HUNGRY!” and I have developed a growing distain for green vegetables. Essentially, the ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ meals I initially planned (i.e. daily rations of broccoli juice and vegetable (principally cabbage) and chicken soups) have become boring, bland and very, very repetitive. I have therefore tried to ‘spice things up’ with more mixed salads over constant soups. The variety has helped me to stick to the programme this week. The orange chocolate May mentions above too has also played a HUGE role in helping me to stick to this programme this week and overcome the psychological barrier of feeling deprived.

Towards the end of this week, May kindly treated me to a feast of turkey burgers, roasted parsnips and carrots, served with kale (the recipe is from the Inner Me manual and recipe guide). And for dessert she made a scrumptious chocolate mousse made from the cacao powder she mentions above, a mashed avocado and a dash of vanilla essence (thanks May the meal was seriously delicious - I couldn’t believe it was ‘clean food’!). After that meal, I realised that it was no surprise that I was feeling so hungry much of the time as this meal was bigger in portion size than my salads and soups. As I could not finish the main course, I took this as a positive indicator that my stomach must be getting smaller! However, I made a note to bulk up my meals with a bit more veg in the next week in order to curb my hunger better.

I am a further two pounds lighter, but the hunger pangs and odd moments of feeling weak and dizzy have made me realise that this programme based on Dr Junger's book "Clean Gut" is really a short-term one. I could not sustain eating ‘clean food’ only on a long-term basis, nevertheless I am still committed to seeing it through to the end of the 4-week programme (albeit a little less enthusiastic than last week!) and I can’t wait to feel the results of this hard, hard work!

Clean Gut by Dr Junger

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