Thursday, 20 August 2015

Mack reviews the Brush DJ App (with help of her kids!)

Brush DJ App
I liked to think my kids were good at brushing their teeth properly. That is until the last trip to the dentist when I was told that my youngest son would need a small filling at the tender age of 6. I suspect fruit juice, Haribo and not brushing for long enough are the main culprits.
I bought cute and colourful sand timers to ensure the children brushed their teeth for a full two minutes (as recommended by our dentist) but the novelty of the sand timers unfortunately wore off after a few weeks.

When I recounted my family's dental woes to May, she told me about an app she had recommended to her young niece and nephew - Brush DJ, which is available free to download for iOS and Android platforms. 

Brush DJ App

Brush DJ is described on its website as "[···] an award-winning, NHS approved, free toothbrush timer app that plays 2 minutes of music taken from the user's device to encourage brushing for an effective length of time. The app also allows users to set reminders to brush twice a day, floss, use a mouthrinse and when next to see their dentist or hygienist."  

Brush DJ App reminders

It also contains age specific information about good dental care in accordance with the Public Health England toolkit 'Delivering Better Oral Health'.

Brush DJ App dental care tips

Basically, after flossing, you press play which launches a two-minute visual and audible countdown whilst playing your favourite tunes. The app lets you know when you are a quarter/half/three-quarters of the way through with a beep sound (which the kids like).

Brush DJ App countdown

However, what they love most is the smiley face and huge round of applause they get when two minutes is over.

Brush DJ App victory smiley face

My kids also love changing the colour of the background screen and countdown timer every morning (a cute and fun touch) and they look forward to the reminders going off about when they need to brush their teeth and see the dentist.

Brush DJ colour customisation

Our favourite tunes which we play on Brush DJ are Uptown Funk, I Really, Really, Really, Really Like You and my Nineties Ibiza classics!

Brush DJ website

I have to say teeth brushing time is a joy in our house now. It is like party time and I am no longer the nagging mum trying to get my kids to brush their teeth properly! The kids have read the tips tailored to their age group which have helped them to better appreciate the importance of a good dental regime. So from my household, Brush DJ gets a big thumbs up and I am eager to spread the word, if it can help others out there with children too. For more information, see the Brush DJ website.


  1. Thank you for the very kind review :)

  2. Our pleasure x it's a great app. My kids love it!!!

  3. Our pleasure x it's a great app. My kids love it!!!

  4. Our pleasure x it's a great app. My kids love it!!!