Thursday, 16 July 2015

May's French Sephora beauty haul - skincare, sheet masks and eyes (inc mini review)

skin care products from sephora - haul and reviewIf you follow us on twitter (@mackandmay) you may have noticed that I was in France recently. Of course I had to stop in at least a couple of Sephora branches....

I set some serious ground rules and didn't allow myself to buy any high-end products, and also promised myself that I wouldn't buy any make up. I'll save those for another day!

I still had fun looking around and couldn't resist buying a few Sephora own brand bits to try out.

Here's what I ended up with:

Sephora Collection sheet masks

photo of sephora sheet face masks

Mack and I are massive fans of sheet masks so I was really pleased to spot these.
There were 8 to chose from and I picked Green Tea (mattifying and anti-blemish), Ginseng (toning and revitalizing) and Pomegranate (anti-fatigue and energizing).
I can't wait to use them!
Sephora Collection eye masks

photo of sephora eye sheet masks

These fibre eye masks look pretty similar to the sheet masks mentioned above but are specially formulated for the eye area.
Again, there were 8 to chose from. I picked Green Tea (anti-crumple and refreshing), Pomegranate (anti-fatigue and energizing) and Lotus (moisturizing and soothing).
If these live up to their claims I will be one happy camper!

Sephora Triple action gentle make up remover gel

photo of sephora make up remover gel and reviewThis is a micellar gel with cornflower extract which is supposed to be very gentle and suitable to use on eyes and sensitive skin.
I have already tried it out a couple of times - it is lovely and refreshing to use and does a good enough job of removing make up, although it is not the best at removing waterproof mascara, as you might expect from a product of this kind.
I'll definitely use it up though.

Sephora Metamorphosis exfoliating powder

photo and review of sephora exfoliating powder
Not only because it sounds like something from a Hogwarts potions class, this really intrigued me and, having used it twice already, I'm in love with it.
It is a powder, much like talc, containing salicylic acid which you mix in your palm with a couple of drops of water and it magically becomes THE BEST exfoliator.
It feels quite harsh although hasn't aggravated my skin at all and leaves it feeling so soft. It claims to be suitable for sensitive skin and you can use it weekly or daily if mixed with your usual cleanser.

Sephora Instant hydrogel eye mask - depuffing and moisturizing

photo of sephora eye mask
If any of you are hayfever sufferers like me, you'll appreciate how tempting this sounds.
As well as feeling cooling due to its gel texture, I'm hoping that this lives up to its promise to 'erase signs of fatigue' and make bags around the eyes less visible.
I bought this as well as the masks mentioned above as this is one which you place over the lids rather than under them, which sounds so relaxing and refreshing.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think to Sephora own brand products in general?

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