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May's ideas for wedding gift shopping on a budget

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With wedding season almost here, our thoughts have been turning to what to buy as wedding gifts for some of our friends who are tying the knot this summer.

Some couples will have a specific gift list and some will ask for cash, in which case you may feel that your options are limited, but if you have free reign to shop off-list, the choices are pretty much unlimited and it can be hard to know where to start.

If you're shopping on a budget (especially if you are already committing to significant cost in attending the wedding), it is not made any easier.

There are some great gifts that you can pick up for really reasonable prices. I have listed some below, all of which come in at under £30.

I hope they give you some inspiration!

1. Personalised art - toasters and towel sets are all very well, but most couples will appreciate something personalised, which has had some thought put into it and which will remind them of their special day. There are plenty of options for personalised prints which you can find with a quick bit of searching online, but I love these papercut prints which come framed and in a choice of colours for only £25 from Modo Creative at
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2. Personalised name and address stamps. These stamps are likely to be used long after the wedding if your bride and groom are into letter writing - or even posting out thank you leters and birthday/ Christmas cards. You can always just use the bride and groom's names if they are likely to move house soon and you don't want to include the address - although make sure you know surname(s) the couple will use! I love this one from The English Stamp Company at notonthehighstreet,com, which is only £18 with free delivery.

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photo of wedding horseshoe3. Heart shaped kitchen/ dining gifts. Even if not used every day, these are pretty much guaranteed to be put on show or brought out for use on special occasions. While Le Creuset and The White Company have some gorgeous choices, Next and Sainsburys are ideal alternatives for shopping on a budget - you can pick up bowls, place mats, coasters etc at really reasonable prices.

4. A tree or plant. You can buy some lovely potted plants or trees for planting in the garden and these would serve as a lovely reminder of the couples' special day for years to come. There are plenty of choices at, where the Just Married Rose Bush Gift or Your Wedding Day Rose Bush Gift are £22.99 each or you can even get an oak tree for under £25!

5. Something you've made yourself. Not one for everyone, but one of my most treasured wedding gifts was a cross-stitched card which a family member made for us, showing our wedding date and lovely cake design. Other ideas include embroidering a plain cushion or cutting heart shapes out of maps of the places that mean a lot to the couple (their home, wedding venue, honeymoon destination...) and framing them. Your friends are bound to appreciate the time and effort you have put in and it is lovely to have something so personal and unique.

Happy shopping!

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