Monday, 8 June 2015

Mack reviews Lily's Kitchen (with the help of Hanna the Puppy)

Lily's Kitchen puppy foodHanna is back this week to help me review Lily’s Kitchen puppy food. For those of you who are new to Hanna, she is my 6 month old Chihuahua cross Yorkie puppy…and she loves her food.  However, if you are anything like me, you will know that it can be difficult to know which is the best food to choose for your puppy.

I have to admit, Lily’s Kitchen is one of those brands that I have seen around on the supermarket and pet stores shelves, heard good things about but never got round to buying for Hanna.  Therefore, I was delighted to receive a sample puppy pack from Lily’s Kitchen to review. 

From reading the product information sent by Lily’s Kitchen, it is clear that the emphasis is on natural wholesome and nourishing food.  I was pleased to read that their food is grain & meal free and they only use 100% freshly prepared meat, along with vegetables, fruits and herbs. I really do want to feed Hanna the healthiest food out there, which offers value for money and looks after Hanna inside and out.
The sample pack contained the Perfectly Puppy Grain-Free Recipe for Puppies, Organic Dinner for Puppies and Chicken Dinner for Puppies.

Lily's Kitchen puppy food

Perfectly Puppy Grain-Free Recipe for Puppies

Lily's Kitchen; puppy food

Lily’s Kitchen say Puppies deserve the healthiest start in life... This is why we've made this unique puppy food for your little four-legged friend. We only use freshly prepared meat - really tasty, gentle on the tummy and easy to digest. We don't use rendered meat meals or any grains. We've also added lots and lots of really health-promoting ingredients like clear salmon oil to condition the skin and fur, glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints formation, prebiotics for good digestion and chelated minerals and vitamins to ensure they are properly absorbed by the body. We've also thrown in an array of botanical herbs and nutrients from nature's own pharmacy for an extra healthy boost. Great nutrition builds a healthy immune system for your pup to give them the best chance for a long and happy life free of illness.”

Hanna says “Yum. Give me more. I like these. A LOT!” 

Hanna can be a little fussy with dry food. However, as soon as I opened the bag and she caught a whiff of the food, she started to try to attack the bag in a frenzy.  These have been BRILLIANT for treating when training Hanna - she will sit and stay for ages if it means she gets one of these little biscuits.  The are about 1cm in width.  Easy for Hanna to chew.  When I tested them against Hanna's current brand of dry puppy food (James Wellbeloved) and placed a little of both brands in front of her, she went for the Lily's Kitchen dry food every time. 

Organic Dinner for Puppies
Lily's Kitchen; puppy food

Lily’s Kitchen say "A gentle, meaty complete recipe for your puppy, made from the best natural and organic ingredients. This complete puppy food contains a variety of organic meats (chicken, pork, beef and turkey) to provide protein from a spectrum of sources, which makes a satisfying and nourishing dish for your puppy".

Hanna says “Woofalicious.  Why has my Mama not bought me this before?" 

Hanna just loved this meaty wet food. This video shows just how much she loved it! She really did lick the plate dry!

Hanna also tried the Chicken Dinner for Puppies (which came in the can).  She enjoyed eating that too but I think her favourite is the Organic Dinner for Puppies.

Prior to trying Lily's Kitchen, I mainly fed Hanna dry food but seeing her enjoy this Lily's Kitchen wet food so much melted my heart and has got me mix-feeding her now (yes, we are Lily's Kitchen converts now and Hanna is loving it!!!).  Her poops are not too stinky (I defy anyone who can find a dog food which results in stink-free poops) and her coat is lovely and shiny.  Moreover, Hanna just loves meal times and is never fussy about Lily's Kitchen wet or dry food.
Hanna's new Lily's Kitchen diet does cost a little more than her previous James Wellbeloved diet.  As on the Lily's Kitchen website, the Perfectly Puppy Grain-Free Recipe for Puppies is £17.69 for a 2.5kg bag (which is lasting ages and is fed to Hanna in her Kong) and the Organic Dinner for Puppies is £1.39 per pack (although bulk buy discounts are available).  However, I have just bought Hanna's Lily's Kitchen puppy food from Zooplus which, at the moment, has some great offers on the Lily's Kitchen range.

Four paws up from Hanna for Lily's Kitchen.  I can't wait to try Hanna with the rest of the range (which looks quite extensive) as Hanna gets older!

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