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Mack reviews Barkbeats (with the help of Hanna the Puppy)

Barkbeats May 2015 box
Our eager assistant, Hanna, the 6 month old puppy is loving my newly found obsession with dog subscription boxes. Like many of you out there, I love the buzz of discovering new, unique products which I would otherwise probably not get to know about or try. Dog subscription boxes have the added bonus of allowing us to spoil our beloved pooches a little bit more! 

We were sent Barkbeats May box to review. Barkbeats offer a monthly surprise box with toys, treats and grooming products (and free delivery)! The box is tailored to your size of dog- small, medium or large and costs from £13.50 to £14.90 depending on whether you buy a one-off box or 6 or 12 month subscription.

Here's what we thought...

The box arrived in a lovely package towards the end of the month.

Barkbeats May 2015 box

A cute toy, a variety of treats and food, and dental minty chews lay in store.

Barkbeats May 2015 box

You can guess what Hanna went for first...yep..the Muzo soft toy who we have named Mr Giraffe.


Mr Giraffe is officially Hanna's new best friend (of the moment) and she takes him by the neck everywhere she goes.

Barkbeats review - May box

After a week, Mr Giraffe is holding up well and is all in one piece still. I have been so disappointed in the past about the number of soft dog toys which Hanna has managed to demolish within hours of me buying them. But Mr Giraffe looks like he was made to far. A lovely product to receive, especially as Hanna is teething and likes to chew on her toys a lot at the moment.

Next, the Barks and Sparks muffin caught Hanna's interest.


Once she let me have the muffin back to remove the plastic wrapping, she really did enjoy nibbling this raspberry muffin made with coconut, honey, ginger and banana (to name a few of the natural ingredients it is made from). Surprisingly, the muffin was not soft (like the usual texture of a cake). It was more like a hard-baked scone. Being a toy dog, Hanna could only bite off tiny bits of the muffin at a time. I ended up breaking it into quarters and giving her a bit of muffin over the next few days as a treat. I imagine larger dogs could quite happily demolish the muffin in a few seconds!

The next day, Hanna tried the Huhubamboo chicken broth soup, Grantapets treats made from duck and pineapple and Antos minty dental chews.

Huhubamboo chicken broth soup: May and I did giggle about how it looked like chicken and sweetcorn soup from the local Chinese takeaway. Hanna was curious at first and tasted the soup. But after three slow licks and a bit of sniffing, Hanna walked away and was not interested in eating it. Despite Hanna not liking it, it was an interesting product to try. She is usually mad for anything made from chicken...but not soup obviously!


Grantapets treats made from duck and pineapple: These were crunchy rectangles with a filling inside, which Hanna enjoyed. They were handy for treating when training, and as the bag is quite big, I think they will last for some time!



Antos minty dental chews: I am so glad to have discovered this little tin of green minty bones to keep Hanna's breath fresh and clean and disinfect her mouth.
minty dog chews

Although I try to prevent it, Hanna has on the odd occasion tried to eat cat or horse poo, so I am really glad to have a product which she likes and which disinfects her mouth at the same time!! I usually use the Pedigree Chum minty Dentastix to keep Hanna's teeth and breath clean (as well as brushing her teeth). However, Hanna will only chew them if I hold the Dentastix and it takes some work for her to get through the chew. However, she loved the little green Antos minty chew bones. When she gave me a kiss on command (a little lick on the cheek) about 15 minutes after eating the Antos minty dental chew, her breath was noticeably fresh and minty. Happy Hanna and Happy Mack!

So, all in all, a fun and exciting box to us an opportunity to try some unique products. Mr Giraffe and the Antos minty dental chews were Hanna's favourites...and I will certainly start buying the minty dental chews and treating Hanna to Barkbeats' boxes in future.

Here is a little video (viewable in Web version) of Hanna enjoying her treats!

The lovely folk at Barkbeats have kindly given our readers a discount code, MACK5, to get £5 off their first box. So enjoy! Thank you Barkbeats!

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