Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mack reviews Ancol's BB Cologne For Dogs

ancol BB dog cologneThis week I am reviewing a cross between two of my favourite things at the moment…dogs and fragrance.

Hanna isn’t a particularly smelly dog as I bath her every few weeks and keep her clean in between baths with pet wipes. However, I was inspired to buy a bottle of dog cologne for Hanna to help keep the doggy odours at bay after Hanna was sprayed at the groomers with a dog cologne which smelt gorgeous and lasted for days.  

I am not sure which cologne the groomer used (I will find out) but I have splashed out £6.50 on the BB Dog cologne by Ancol, on sale on eBay. 

The “BB” cologne is the baby powder fragrance out of a variety of Ancol dog colognes (which I thought would be perfect for a little puppy).

ancol BB dog cologne

The cologne is formulated from high quality oils and ingredients (including chamomile and aloe vera to soothe and condition your dog's coat) and designed to be used following a wash.
ancol BB dog cologne
So how did it rate?  I liked the cute pink bottle.  But that is about it, I am afraid.  It is overly-strong, bordering pungent.  Be warned, everything your dog touches….your sofa, your clothes, your hands..and of course the dog itself, will smell of a strong, sickening-sweet almost bubblegum-like smell that hits the back of your nose and throat like a freight train.  It is nothing like the light, pretty and light smell of baby powder.  Even one spray is too strong.

Furthermore, I could tell Hanna did not like it.  She would sniff her dog blanket which would smell of the cologne after she had been in her dog bed, and then run away.  It was quite interesting to observe that she would not touch her dog bed until the blanket was changed for a fresh, clean one! 

I keep a little cardboard air freshener in Hanna’s sleeping and eating area.  I thought I would use the cologne to refresh the cardboard air-freshener, in an attempt to find an alternative use for it.  Interestingly, Hanna refused to eat (even her favourite treats) when her area smelt of Ancol BB cologne.

Maybe others may like it, but it is not a product for us.  Sorry Ancol.  After bathing Hanna, I actually use a little Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby powder and rub it in her fur to give a fresh, sweet smell which lasts a few hours.  I also use Pet Head’s Poof Magical Deodorising Spray to keep doggy odours at bay in between washes.

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