Monday, 1 June 2015

Mack and Hanna the Puppy review Top Collar - a dog treat subscription box

Top CollarIf you have read our Puppy Haul post, you will know that I am the proud owner of a 6 month old puppy called Hanna. Now, Hanna loves her treats which are handy for encouraging her with basic obedience training at home, keeping her diet varied and interesting and showing her just how much I love her!

I love the concept of subscription boxes. After starting to work my way through all the beauty boxes out there, I am so excited to start trying the pet subscription boxes which seem to growing in number in the UK. The first box that Hanna and I are reviewing is the dog treat subscription box from Top Collar.

Top Collar provide a natural dog treat subscription box, where you get a box of fresh and nutritious treats every two weeks for £4.49 per box (with a current offer on for £2.99 for your first starter box) or you can take out a monthly subscription for a gift box of mixed treats and pay in advance for 3 months (£14.99) or 6 months (£26.99). 

This subscription box is quite unique in that you get to upload a picture of your pooch and the box arrives personalised with their photo - a very cute touch!

Top Collar

Top Collar

The focus of Top Collar is to provide 'happiness and health' inspired treats where the ingredients are natural and sourced from Yorkshire butchers, fishmongers and grocers, with no extra sugars, fats, salts or preservatives added. Given that I am really conscious about what I feed Hanna (the Chorkie breed are prone to skin allergies), I was pleased that Top Collar offer treats which are made from wholesome, natural ingredients.

Hanna was sent the Sunday Roast treat box which was packaged in a cute, stylish way. The treats were well sealed to keep them fresh.

The product information clearly set out the ingredients of the treats. Hanna loves chicken so I immediately thought that we would be on to a winner here!

Top Collar

As soon as I presented Hanna with her treat box, she was keen to tuck in and attack the pack of treats!

Top Collar

The treats were heart shaped (so cute!) and although they looked quite big (for a toy sized puppy), Hanna had no trouble munching into you can see for yourself....

Top CollarTop Collar

Here's Hanna trying to hold on to her yummy Sunday Roast treat for dear life!

Top Collar

I can report that Hanna got through the treats in a few days and they stayed fresh throughout that whole time. There was no evidence of an upset tummy at all after Hanna ate the treats.  As soon as I brought the Sunday Roast bag out the cupboard, Hanna would run up to me, sit obediently, start wagging her tail, and look at me as if to say "Yeah it's treat time! Please feed me Mummy!" (how could I refuse!?!). So from Hanna (and me) it's a paws up for Top Collar. Hanna loved her tasty treats and I loved the excellent, friendly customer service from Sophie at Top Collar. The personalised box is a lovely touch too! 

Thank you to Top Collar for sending Hanna a box to try. For more cuteness (and evidence that Hanna really did love these treats), here's Hanna's video of her review of Top Collar's treats (sorry the start is sideways!)...

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