Monday, 22 June 2015

Mack & May's essential handbag beauty products

photo of products in handbagIf you're anything like us, there will be certain items which never leave your handbag. 

Money, keys, mobile etc are all pretty standard but what are your other essentials? Do you carry tons of make up with you wherever you go? Do you have items which you daren't take out 'just in case'?

We have tipped our bags upside down and listed below what we can't do without... come and have a nose around! We haven't mentioned the boring stacks of credit cards and wotnot, and May was so ashamed at how many lipsticks she found in the bottom of her bag that we decided not to deal with make up either (that's a whole post in itself), but here are the bits and bobs which we carry around with us on a daily basis.

Interestingly, a lot of what we had out we found we had in common...

photo of beauty products in handbag

photo of hand creamsphoto of npdy shop hand cleanse gelSanitising Hand Gels - we're both big fans of these Body Shop hand gels. Mack's favourite is Satsuma and May has gone for the Mango scent.

Hand Creams - as mentioned in this post, May has eczema so is currently using Aveeno as a staple. Not the most handbag-friendly sized product, but definitely a good one for her needs. Mack has the far cuter rose-scented hand cream from L'Occitane.

Perfume/ Body Spray - both of us always have some sort of perfume or spritz with us. Mack is currently using a cute little Impulse spray which came in a gift set at Christmas and May is making full use of a Sabe Masson solid perfume which came in a My Little Box a couple of months ago.

photo of solid perfume and impulse spray

Nail files - nothing too exciting to report here! May's is from a multipack picked up in Tesco and Mack is using a 4 way buffer from Space.NK.

Lip Balms - we promised not to talk about make up, but we hope we can get away with mentioning these lip products...May loves the Eos balms for all the flavours (this is a Vanilla Mint one - yum!) and Mack is currently loving her Burts Bees balm with a light tint.

photo of eos lip balm and burts bees lip balm
There were also a couple of items which one of us always had with us and the other didn't -

Eye Drops - May is in the depths of hayfever season and relies on the Optrex Eye Drops to keep the suffering under control.

Stain Wipes - as Mack has young children, these wipes from M&S have become a must-have product! Initially bought for a Disney trip, they have not left her bag since!

photo of handbag essentials

Nail Varnish - Mack is a pro at painting her nails on the train on her way to work. She loves these Revlon scented polishes and this one is a lovely light pink which is perfect for work.

Tweezers - because when you want them, you really want them - right? These mini tweezers from Tweezerman are cute and so useful to keep in your bag.

What are we missing? Is there anything which you think we're mad for carting around everywhere we go?

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