Thursday, 28 May 2015

May's Monthly Best Bits - May

photo of May calendarWe are back rounding up of some of our 'best bits' from the month.... Just like a monthly favourites (which we love reading about!) but looking beyond make up and beauty products.

We'll look at our favourite days out, purchases, meals, movies....whatever made the month for us!

Some bits that are mentioned might feature in a more detailed post, but we thought it would be fun to have a quick round-up of our monthly highlights to look back on, and maybe inspire you for the month ahead....

Best rediscovery - Metcalfe's skinny ricecakes. I LOVE the dark chocolate rice cakes! I went through packets and packets of these a couple of years ago then forgot about them until earlier this month. They come in packs of 3 and the ricecakes are covered in super thick chocolate. I can't stop snacking on them. They are gluten free and only 85 calories each.

photo of ricecakes

Best moments - we were really spoilt with 2 bank holidays this month. Whilst I'd happily campaign for an extra day on the weekend every week, I thoroughly enjoyed not having to set my alarm for a couple of extra days. Truth be told, I was quite lazy on both occasions but did manage to get some much-needed house jobs out of the way (cleaning the oven...woohoo!!) as well as enjoying a lovely relaxing walk in the sunshine round some stately home grounds and the first BBQ of the year with friends. Here's to many more of those to come..

photo of spring day
Top foodie find - without doubt, this month has been all about the spiralizer for me. Spurred on by May's post about the Hemsley+Hemsley spiralizer, I ordered one from Amazon and haven't looked back since. Pasta dishes chez May are now courgetti dishes and I'm having fun (if not the odd fail) working out how else I can use it to incorporate more veggies into my meals.

photo of spiralizer

Best beauty website - - I came across this website after a quick online search when Mack suggested I tried a particular product to treat eczema and spent an age browsing...and adding things to my basket! It specialises in natural organic cosmetics.  It claims to be "the online destination dedicated entirely to natural and organic beauty. A unique store that celebrates individual beauty and is inspired by a new world of cosmetics powered by natural ingredients and free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, and chemical toxins". You will know some of the brands it stocks, such as Burts Bees, Caudalie, Cowshed, This Works, Yes To...but many others were certainly new to me. Delivery is free and discount codes seem fairly common. There is plenty to look though, from skincare and make up, to haircare, fragrance and teas. I am just waiting for my first delivery to arrive (according to the confirmation email, they try to dispatch orders within 24 hours) and hope to report back with positive news soon.


  1. I knew Metcalfe's did popcorn but I had no idea they did rice cakes as well, they sound yummy! xx