Monday, 25 May 2015

Mack reviews facial exfoliating scrubs - Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula vs B.Refined Exfoiliating Cleanser

Exfoiliating scrub; face scrub; clinique; superdrugWith my combination to oily skin, I find that I do benefit from a daily exfoliating scrub to help keep blemishes and blackheads at bay.  If I don't scrub, I soon find that my foundation doesn't go on as smoothly and little spotty bumps and flaky patches can start appearing on my skin.  I have been a loyal user of Clinique's 7 Day Scrub Cream Rise Off Formula which costs £19 for 100ml (price as at the date of this post) and I will talk it about in further depth in a moment.  However, on my last shopping trip I found a much cheaper exfoliating cleanser/scrub which I thought I would try for comparison purposes.  It's the B.Refined Exfoliating Cleanser which I discovered in Superdrug for £5.49 for 125ml (price as at the date of this post).  I do love a bargain!  It would be great to be quids in if I was able to find a cheaper alternative which happened to be just as good (or possibly even better) than my usual buy! 

I used the Clinique product daily for one week and the B.Refined product daily the next week - here's how they faired....

Clinique 7 day scrub; clinique;

Clinique 7 Day Scrub cream:  I am a huge fan of all things Clinque!  The Clinique range is not the cheapest out there, but because of the quality and size of their products, Clinique's products are a core part of my daily skin care regime.  I have used this scrub, along with their 3-step skin care range, religiously for 10 years.  What is great about this scrub is that I can use it everyday without my skin feeling stripped to the core or overly-tight. 

After cleansing with a facial wash, I take a large pea-sized amount of the white scrub, massage my face (focussing particular on my T-zone) and then rinse.  It has a creamy, velvety texture and the exfoliating particles feel gentle, yet effective, on my skin.  After rinsing the scrub off, my skin somehow feels moisturised at the same time (although I do use a light oil-free moisturiser afterwards). 

I have friends who have normal or dry skin and they report that they use the Clinique scrub daily or bi-weekly - so it seems to be a versatile product that suits a range of skin types.  See May's post on the Elemis Sensitive Cleansing Wash where she mentions that she mixes the Clinique scrub with her daily Elemis facial wash.  May's skin is less oily than mine (I recall she last categorised herself having 'combination skin with the odd dry patch').  A 100 ml tube lasts me about a month and a half.  I always buy this product as part of the Clinique Bonus Time offer, so I can benefit for a few gorgeous and handy freebies! 

The real test of how good the Clinique scrub is to compare it with Superdrug's B.Refined Exfoiliating Cleanser (which is two-thirds cheaper than the Clinique one)!

Superdrug; Exfoiliating Cleanser

B.Refined Exfoiliating Cleanser:  The B.Refinined scrub is white and is a little less creamy than the Clinique scrub.  I feel the exfoliating grains are a just a little bit coarser than in the Clinique scrub.  This did not put me off as, with my oily skin and patches, I do get an invigorating satisfaction fix when I feel my face is being exfoliated. 

The B.Refined scrub massaged well onto my skin and rinsed off well.  In fact, I kind of preferred the slightly less 'moisturised' feeling after using the B.Refined scrub than the Clinique scrub.  After using this scrub daily for a few days, my skin felt just as cleansed and smooth as after using the Clinique scrub.  However, after a week of using the B.Refined scrub on a daily basis, I did start to notice the odd dry patch appearing on my cheeks and found I had to use a little more moisturiser in those areas. 

I think the moral of the B.Refined story is that it is a good scrub, but maybe a little too harsh for me to use everyday.  I will continue to use it on a bi-weekly basis for another week or so and see how that goes.    If I still get dry patches, then it is back to Clinique.  If I don't get dry patches and my skin copes with less scrubs in a week, I will be pleased to have found a cheaper alternative!  I'll post an update next week on the status on my dry patches...exciting stuff!!!

It would be great to know about your experiences with these scrubs!

Update a week later:  Ok, I have been trying the B.Refined scrub for over a week now, using it every few days.  Not so many dry, flaky patches as before (when I was using it daily) and the blemishes are being kept at that is good.   My skin is however feels a little drier overall than usual and I think my skincare regime worked better when I was using the Clinique scrub, along with Clinique's 3-step system - so, for now, I will stick to that.


  1. Great post. I am a Clinique fan too!

  2. Glad you found it helpful. Clinique is great - I can rely on so many of their products to suit my skin care needs!

  3. Love this post I too am a Clinque Fan ♥♥