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Mack & May on National Doughnut Week!

photo of doughnut ingredients
Happy National Doughnut Week! If that is not a cause for celebration, we don't know what is!

National Doughnut Week, aside from being an excuse to eat doughnuts, is in aid of The Childrens' Trust, the UK's leading charity for children with brain injuries, so we felt it was a very worthwhile cause for us to highlight. You can find more info on the charity here.

So, we decided that we would try and make our own doughnuts. Neither of us have ever attempted this before and neither of us are willing to own up to setting the challenge. Having now completed the attempt, I think it is fair to say that neither of us will be rushing back to do it again any time soon!

Here are the recipes we used, and the 'interesting' results of our attempts...


I used this recipe for doughnuts with raspbery jam and a maple glaze which, on a quick read through, sounded simple enough. Mix it all together, prove, fry, insert jam, glaze. I can definitely do that, or so I thought...

photo of doughnut ingredients
Problem #1 was that whilst the recipe called for yeast, nowhere does the method tell you where to add it. I assumed it was to be added at the beginning, with the flour etc.

Problem #2 was that the yeast I bought called for the granules to be mixed with water first then left to start foaming. All very well, but the packet also said that you shouldn't use liquid called for by the recipe as well as the water used to activate the yeast. That meant that I couldn't add any of the milk which the recipe required. A further issue here was that apparently the yeast should take around 15 mins to start foaming, but mine had risen so much well before then that it threatened to escape from the bowl, so I didn't leave it for any longer. Oops. In hindsight I'm sure I just bought the wrong yeast for the recipe...better luck next time!

photo of uncooked doughnuts
Problem #3 was that because of the above yeast issues, the dough didn't rise very well, which meant that piping the jam in was more of a challenge than it should have been. I suspect the piping nozzle I used was too large (it was one designed for icing), but it was all I had. As a result, as soon as the jam went in, most of it came back out again, and made a right old mess!

photo of doughnuts

Anyway, as you can see, my finished doughnuts do not look anything like the recipe. You can barely even spot that there is a glaze on them for starters! That said, Mr May was given the job of chief tester and ate 4 in a row then gave them a thumbs up. Maybe if you ignore the look of them, and the fact that there were a bit too stodgy, they could pass some sort of test (but probably not a doughnut one!). In theory, these should have been a winner - I love the combination of jam and maple syrup!

photo of doughnuts


Disclaimer:  I shop, I don't cook.  May's efforts outshine mine by far.  But I'm just glad I didn't burn my kitchen down.

Ok, I wanted to find a recipe that was simple and fun for the kids to follow.  As my family are a fan of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I thought  this recipe for 'crispy and creamy' doughnuts would be ideal. 

Accordingly to the recipe, all we had to do was mix the ingredients, roll the dough, wait a bit, make up the vanilla glaze, fry, then dip in the glaze.  I also bought some sprinkles to decorate the doughnuts.  If they look pretty, they must taste good, right?  Well here's how it went....

The kids had fun kneading the dough!  I had fun trying to form nicely shaped doughnuts...but decided that the slightly wonky look was part and parcel of 'authentic cooking'. The photo below shows the doughnuts all cooked up...some looking more circular than others! When it came to the glaze, I made two portions - one portion of the vanilla glaze (as in the recipe) and another portion where I added a teaspoon of Cocoa powder, to make a chocolate-vanilla glaze. 

The most important thing is that my sons and Mr Mack liked them (despite their slightly suspicious look).  I only managed a bite...way too sweet for me, but I did prefer the vanilla-coated ones to the chocolate.  Here's Mr Mack giving his verdict.

We think we deserve a proper doughnut after all that!  We are debating which is the best - Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts?  What's your favourite?  To end this merry doughnut fest, check out this hilarious doughnut-themed parody of "Uptown Funk".  Happy National Doughnut Week! :-)

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