Thursday, 19 March 2015

May reviews Achica

When I moved house last year, a colleague suggested I looked at Achica for some bits and pieces. I had seen the adverts on television but never really given it much thought. Seeing as I needed all sorts from cushions to sideboards and bathroom units, I thought I’d give it a try.

If you haven’t come across it before, Achica is marketed as a ‘members only luxury lifestyle store’. Registration is free.
Achica’s main selling point is that products are available at heavily discounted prices – sometimes up to 70% or thereabouts, although that seems to be rare. The discounts appear to be genuine when compared to the RRPs of products, but of course they may also be on sale elsewhere and I am not aware that Achica promises to be the cheapest place to shop.

Achica is able to offer the discounts, I understand (but am happy to be proved otherwise), by buying directly from designers and brands and only buying the amount that has been ordered by customers, so there is no need to store stock or over-order. The downside to this for the customer is that buying through Achica is not usually a quick process – that is to say that the buying is quick and easy, but delivery can take several weeks. An estimated delivery date is given before you order, so there should be no nasty surprises in a world where we have got used to next day delivery being a readily available option. Delivery costs depend on the weight of your order but starts at a fairly hefty £4.99 (a lot, in my opinion, if you only want a candle or a shower gel).

New promotions start each morning and products are usually offered on sale for 24-72 hours, on a strict ‘once it’s gone it’s gone’ basis. Members receive emails each day advising of which promotions are coming up, and these range from rugs, cushions and bedding (there is always plenty of those to chose from), to kitchenware, furniture, art, beauty products, jewellery, food, clothing and accessories. There is even a holiday section, although I haven’t let myself look at that yet. Some brands that I have noticed popping you will have heard of (Neom, Rituals, Pandora, Montezuma, Sophie Conran...) and some you won’t, but it is a great way to discover new brands and designers.
I have placed about half a dozen orders with Achica now. Save for one, they have all arrived when they were due and have met expectations in terms of quality. Customer service has been quick and helpful.
If you don’t mind waiting for your delivery, and as long as the delivery charge doesn’t wipe out the savings you’d make by shopping through Achica, it is definitely worth a go. It is fun wiling away time by browsing the new promotions if nothing else!
A quick note from Mack: May referred me to Achicha and I received a £10 voucher (as will May, when I start spending!).

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