Monday, 23 March 2015

Mack and May's Kiko haul

Two women, one lunch break, each armed with about £30 each to spend on some new make-up.  They headed to Kiko.

Mack wanted to stock up on lipsticks and find a long-lasting eyeshadow for daywear. May wanted another eyeshadow stick, having fallen in love with one already, and a nail base coat.  

Here are the results of their raid of Kiko...

Mack bought:

- Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (No.4- Golden Chocolate) for £6.90
- Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick (No. 812 - Black Cherry) for £4.90
- Kiss Balm Lip Balm (No. 3 - Tutti Frutti) for £5.90
- Crystal Sheer Glossy Lipstick (No. 402 - Dark Chocolate) for £6.90

Total spent was £24.60.

May bought:

- Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (No.4 - Golden Chocolate) for £6.90
- Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick (No. 812 - Black Cherry) for £4.90
- Crystal Sheer Glossy Lipstick (No. 414 - Mauve) for £6.90
- Gentle Nail Polish Remover for £3.90
- Nail Care Ultra Long (base-coat treatment) for £4.90

Total spent was £27.50.

Mack says: Given our very different skin tones and the fact that we intentionally decided to shop on our own so we would not influence each other's choice of purchases, we were surprised that we both opted for the same colour long-lasting stick eyeshadow and the Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick - which goes to show how versatile the Kiko ranges are.  Here is what the Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick (No. 812 - Black Cherry) looks like on our differing skin tones:

Although we were apart for most of the Kiko shopping spree, May did let one of her beauty secrets slip when she saw me browsing the long-lasting stick eyeshadows.  May mentioned that she was wearing no. 6 (Golden Brown) from that range  and she was very happy with it.  I had been wondering why May's eyeshadow always looked perfect and freshly applied, even after a day at work and now I know, it's all down to Kiko's long-lasting stick eyeshadow (which May says lasts from the minute she puts it on in the morning until she takes it off at night, often around 15 hours later, in her experience but still comes off easy with regular facial cleansing products).  So, of course, I had to sneak one of the long-lasting eyeshadow pencils into my basket.  Normally, eyeshadow fades away to nothing very quickly on my eye lids (unless I use some form of primer).  However, I am really pleased with both the colour of the product and how it lasts all day.  I am also really happy to find 3 different tones of lip colour which suit me - brown, red and pink.  The Tutti Frutti Kiss Balm is just perfect for a light sheen of colour and leaves my lips feeling sumptuous and moisturised.  I totally recommend Kiko - great prices and so much choice!  I want to look at their foundations and blushers next time.  Their Mosaic blush compact caught me eye!

May says: I could not believe Mack and I ended up getting almost the same things - and in fact did get 2 identical items. We usually look at completely different colours!  As Mack has said, I love the stick eyeshadow that I already have so was very keen to try another. I'm a sucker for browns, so no. 4 was the obvious choice. I have yet to try it, but hope I will be just as impressed with this one. As for lips, I didn't mean to buy anything at all, but I like the look of the ones I have chosen as they appear to be fairly sheer, a little glossy, and fairly neutral colours. I'm hoping that the nail base coat will help me get my nails into better shape as they are looking a bit sorry for themselves at the moment.

One quick gripe from May - I don't understand the need for each product to come in its own little box. Sure, they look cute, and I know that Mack loves them, but to me it is unnecessary packaging and could be dispensed with. I don't shop at Kiko for luxury products and great packaging.

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