Monday, 9 March 2015

Mack and May's favourite Lush bath products

Ever since we have know each other, we have been huge fans of Lush's bath products.  There is nothing more relaxing than locking yourself away and indulging in a "Lush bath" and glass of wine (or as tee-total May prefers, Shloer), with candles on as your skin soaks up the goodness from the amazingly-scented Lush products.
Every one to two months, we will either venture to our local Lush store and stock-up on our favourite items or place a large order from Lush's online shop.  The great thing about buying in store is that the staff at Lush are passionate about the products they sell and keen to help you find the best items for your needs and preferences.  Plus, the shop is simply a delight to the senses with the amazing smells and vibrant coloured fresh handmade products. 
We have also found that Lush are great at giving product advice if you send them a Tweet.  And, of course, it is great that Lush is against animal testing, is 100% vegetarian and has an ethical buying policy.

Here are our top 3 Lush bath products which always make it onto our shopping list:

Favourite Bubble Bar:  The Comforter (£4.75 each)
Mack says: I usually use a quarter of the bubble bar per bath, which leaves my bath with plenty of long-lasting bubbles and smelling delicious (from the blackcurrant, bergamot and cypress oil scents). My bath turns a pretty pink colour, and I feel soothed, relaxed and cleansed after using this bubble bar.  It is great value for money considering that I get 4 baths from one bar.
Favourite Bubble Melt:  Dreamtime (£3.35 each)
Mack says: This is great product for when my skin is quite dry and/or if I have any aches and pains. A milky oil is released as the cocoa butter melts away, leaving my skin feeling soothed, moisturised (without being greasy) and smelling sweet from the jasmine fragrance.  The ginger in the product helps to ease tired muscles and the chamomile and lavender are great for relaxing and de-stressing me after a busy day.

Favourite Bubble Bomb:  Butterball (£2.65 each)

May says: This bath bomb was recommended to me by the lovely people who run the Lush twitter account. I am told that it is good for those of us with sensitive skin/ eczema. It combines cocoa butter and ylang ylang and from the description on the Lush website couldn't be more perfect for me. It certainly does smell wonderfully comforting and leaves my skin feeling decidedly more silky than before I jump in the bath, although be warned that this bath bomb does not turn the water any fancy colours or release bubbles.

Incidentally, May has discovered the perfect bath accessory to enjoy Lush baths to the max - this amazing bath caddy which comes complete with (removable) candle holder, book/ ipad holder and 2 wine glass holders. Honestly, I couldn't be happier for having found this beauty. My evening relaxation has been ramped up a gear and there's no looking back now!

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