Thursday, 12 February 2015

May on home decor

You know you're growing up when shopping for cushions and vases takes over from shopping for shoes and bags... I distinctly remember this happening to me the minute I realistically thought about buying my first home.

Several years later, I happily combine all shopping missions, but a recent house move has reignited my love for home décor so I thought I would share a few of my favourite purchases with you.

There are certain things that make a house a home. This is my take on those. Do let me know yours - I'm always on the look out for new things!

Flowers - I love having fresh flowers at home. These are just from the supermarket but they add a splash of colour and brighten up a room.

Scent - I burn scented candles all the time and this is my absolute favourite. It is not too sweet but adds a subtle warmth.

Storage - I like everything to have a place (even if it's not always in it!) and if that place can be more than just practical, all the better. This jewellery box houses lots of my necklaces and the rabbit on top keeps my rings safe and tidy.

Lighting - I have a couple of these pendants and they always attract compliments from guests. They make a gorgeous pattern on the ceiling when turned on and look equally good during the day.

Wall art - I'm no art expert (does this print even count as art?) but I couldn't resist this Dr Seuss print which I framed for the picture ledge above my bed.

Soft furnishings - I like a home to be cosy, and cushions and throws definitely help to achieve this. This is the corner I usually retreat to when I want to escape and paint my nails (jar here).

Details - I could shop for home décor forever and a day (well, until my credit card gives up). I find it far to easy to convince myself that I need some cute new bowls, or a new candle, or a new vase, or some new glassware.... Pictured - terrarium, melamine tray (both Oliver Bonas), heart dishes (Sainsbury's) - all no longer available online but I hope they give you some inspiration!

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