Monday, 9 February 2015

Mack on Five Guys (the Restaurant that is…)

After a few weeks of trying to eat more healthily as per our New Year’s resolutions, May and I decided that we deserved a treat and we headed on down to our local Five Guys restaurant, after hearing the rumours about “The Best Burgers Ever” from May’s other half.

Our first visit was a disaster.  I won’t dwell on it too much.  The restaurant and service was great, the food and drink options are so much fun but we misjudged portion sizes totally.  We ordered a standard Cheeseburger (which has two beef patties), portion of fries and a drink each.  Sounds reasonable doesn’t it?  But no their standard meal nearly killed us and we felt like we were about to have a heart attack afterwards, especially when we realised that we had eaten a total of 3700 calories between in us in 30 minutes.  This food makes McDonalds look like Diet Chef.  It took us about 3 weeks get over the carb overload.  But, for the sake of our blog and in fairness to Five Guys, we thought we would venture back to the restaurant with the aim of reporting a better dining experience. 

From the outside, Five Guys looked trendy and enticing.  As we walked in, there was an inviting “American diner” atmosphere and the restaurant was spacious and impeccably clean.  We went during our lunch break, arrived around 12.15pm and we were pleased to be served straight away.  Great friendly service with a smile and it was nice to see that the staff looked happy to be working there. 
Here is the menu – the fact you can have your burger exactly how you like it, with fresh ingredients and a good range of condiments, is great!

Price wise- it’s not the cheapest meal.  But you are paying for quality and the joy of choice – quality beef, choice of what you want in your burger, choice of fries (Cajun or plain) and last but not least, choice of drink from so many options.  I will get to the amazing drinks machine later (which is going on my 2015 Christmas list!).  The free monkey nuts are a cute touch – they’re nice to nibble on while you wait the few minutes for your food to be prepared.
This time round, May and I ordered the Little Cheeseburger (with one beef pattie) each and we shared a portion of fries (call us wimps if you like but we had learnt for our first experience).  Within ten minutes our food was ready to collect.  I like the way they present their food - it looked fresh and prepared with care (as opposed to the usual processed fast food junk which can look sloppy and prepared in a rush).

The smaller portion was perfect for us.  Burger heaven with ingredients that taste so fresh.  I loved the jalepeno peppers in my Little Cheeseburger, which was neatly layered with lettuce, onion, and relish.   
We still did not manage to get through the whole portion of fries between us but it was nice to enjoy our food without feeling the need to prepare a Will.  This time, we ate around 2000 calories between us but it was worth every calorie for the great tasting burgers! We liked the chilled out atmosphere and random selection of songs which were great to play “Name that Tune” to.
Ok, now to the best thing ever about Five Guys for me.  The most amazing drinks machine known to humanity.  Unlimited refills for £2.50.  Drinks I never knew existed and every flavour under the sun it seemed.  Apparently, there are over 100 drinks to choose from.  I went for Grape still Fanta Zero and then a diet Raspberry Coke (NB: you have to try Raspberry Coke if you are a Cherry Coke fan!).  Next time I venture to Five Guys, I must remember to sample loads of different drinks, rather than fill myself up on a huge cup of soda! 

All in all, a thumbs up from us for Five Guys.  We now understand what the hype is about – great tasting food, excellent service and a fun dining experience.  No wonder there are people out there who are “Five Guys Fanatics”. 
If you enjoy burgers (or the sound of the drinks machine) and haven’t been yet, do go!  A unique, fun dining experience awaits…
- Not the ideal place to go if you are allergic to nuts – the fries are cooked in peanut oil.
- The Little Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers are not little!  But don’t let our thoughts stop you from going for the classic size!  Part of the dining experience is managing to get through the meal we think!
- We liked dining when it was not so busy during the earlier part of the lunch period.  It did get quite busy (and noisy) over the next hour as the folks came in to eat.
- Do not look at the calorie content information on this webpage before you go!!!

What are your thoughts on Five Guys?

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