Monday, 12 January 2015

May reviews My Little Box

picture of 4 boxesMack and I are slightly obsessed with beauty boxes. Our addiction started with Glossybox, and between us (mostly Mack!) I think we have been subscribed to pretty much all of those that ship to the UK at some point or other.

You may have already read Mack's posts on Memebox. Mack finds these a brilliant way of discovering and testing out new products and loves being able to hunt for the perfect box depending on whether she is after skincare, haircare, face masks or whatever else takes her fancy. I, on the other hand, am hopeless at making decisions and love receiving a surprise box each month with handpicked products and treats without any hard work from me. Whilst I loved that element of Glossybox, I found that I was getting inundated with make up in colours that weren't right for me, and I knew I would never use. I therefore gave up the subscription after a year or so. A few months ago, however, I came across a Lily Pebbles vlog in which she went to Paris and talked about My Little Box, which was going to start shipping to the UK in September 2014...

It was Paris that drew me in as much as the idea of the box, as it is a city that holds a special place in my heart. I immediately checked out the website and fell in love with the idea. The difference between My Little Box and the other subscription services I have come across is that My Little Box is not solely about beauty products. Each monthly box contains 'fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises'.

My Little Box say that the boxes contain:

- Must-have beauty products (including one from
our own in-house beauty range, My Little Beauty)
- Fashion and lifestyle accessories
- Our magazine (My Little World)
- Illustrated goodies by Kanako
 - And other surprises…

I have now received each of the 4 boxes that have been shipped to the UK, and am completely hooked. I love the cute packaging and the mix of contents. I don't think I have received anything that I will not use.

picture of contents of fleur de force my little box

Each box has a theme, or has been put together in collaboration with a designer or industry expert. Those I have received have been My Little Parisienne Box (including cute stickers on a Paris theme and a notebook), a Diane Von Furstenburg collaboration (including a silk DvF print scarf and a brooch), My Little Cosy Box (including a mug and microwavable heated pad) and a collaboration with Fleur de Force (including a sparkly headband and Christmas wrapping goodies).
picture of sample of lifetsyle items from my little box

The boxes have also contained a couple of products from the likes of Essie, Laura Mercier and L'Occitane (mostly luxury sample sizes) and full sized My Little Beauty products such as micellar water, mascara, lipstick and concealer.
picture of sample of beauty items from my little box

You can get an idea of the companies that My Little Box works with here. I was impressed that these were companies that were known to me, or from which I could reasonably easily purchase should I discover a new must-have product (which has already happened, in the case of the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer!).

With the idea of the different themes, I am hoping that this is a concept that I won't tire of. The service costs £11 plus £3.95 p&p each month (£1 cheaper if you get it delivered to a work address). You need to set up a monthly direct debit, which the company's website confirms can be cancelled at any time. Confirmation of dispatch is usually emailed around 15th of the month and the box arrives a few days after that.

One last point - an item arrived slightly damaged in one of the boxes and the customer service I received when I emailed to request a replacement was impeccable. Full marks so far to My little Box!

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