Thursday, 8 January 2015

May loves winter!

I am not a fan of summer. Or spring. What's more, I don't feel guilty or miserable or wrong or anything else that people usually think I should feel when I say I am an autumn and winter person.

Don't get me wrong, there are things I love about the warmer months, but the hayfever, the heat, the sweating on crowded public, not for me.

I promise I'm not just a fan of the colder months because of my birthday and Christmas being in December (although they both score very highly). I love making my house cosy with blankets and twinkly lights. I love roaring log fires. I love fresh, crisp mornings. I love hibernating over the Christmas break in my pyjamas with tins of chocolate, The Holiday and Chalet Girl, I love the colour of trees when they are turning red and golden. I love wandering on deserted sandy beaches, wrapped up against the wind. I love roast dinners in the pub with friends on Sundays.

I hope you enjoy these pictures taken last Sunday morning, as the sun was trying it's hardest to burn off the fog.

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