Monday, 19 January 2015

Mack on ways to curb your chocolate addiction

One of my New Years resolutions is to give up chocolate. I am not sure what exactly possessed me to come up with that idea, but it seemed a better prospect than a gym membership at the time.
I have to admit I am was a chocoholic.  Terry's chocolate orange with the fizzy exploding candy was my preferred fix.  It is simply the Alton Towers of chocolate!  My attempts to ration myself to just one slice would always fail.  I knew I had to do something about this crazy addiction when I found myself creeping into my living room and stealing the Terry's chocolate orange from my 5-year old son's Christmas stocking.  After a few slices, I was overcome with guilt and I put the rest back in the foil wrapper and box, making sure I slightly spaced out some slices to hide the gaps.  Luckily, I was able to convince my son on Christmas Day that Santa was extra hungry after delivering all of the presents to children around the world.

Anyway, I am 19 days into chocolate rehab.  So far, all is going well thanks to a few ways to beat those chocolate cravings which I have discovered for when a handful of almonds is just not enough...

1)  Buy a beauty box - this is not the most economical alternative to chocolate, I admit.  However, I did manage to forget about my chocolate cravings when browsing the many Memeboxes on my wish list.  The Chocolate Mania Memebox (box #45) and Cacao Cosmetics Memebox (box #11) were unfortunately out of stock when I looked, but I have nevertheless treated myself to the The Little Mermaid Memebox (Princess Edition box #4) which contains a "collection of skincare staples made with the best ingredients from both land and sea, to get the clearest, brightest skin ever". It looks very promising from the short reviews on Memebox.  I will review it in depth once it arrives.  In the meantime, feel free to browse our previous beauty box posts:  My Little Box, Memebox Hair & Body 4: Spa Edition box (#49) and a general review on Memebox. 
2) Try a lip mask - I find it extremely difficult to eat chocolate whilst wearing a lip mask.  My lips feel wonderfully moisturised  and plump after using these masks from Korea.  I get my lip masks from eBay for around £10 for 5 masks (with free international delivery).  UK eBay sellers also sell them too (at a higher cost per mask).  The come in several varieties, but peach, milk and fruit are my favourites.
3) Enjoy a foot massage from your partner - my hubby is not so happy with this alternative to chocolate and says his hands are getting slimmer instead of my waistline.  Anyway, I can highly recommend the Chocolate Therapy Massage Heart from Bomb Cosmetics which looks and smells wonderful. It leaves my feet feeling silky smooth and relaxed, without leaving a yucky greasy film on my skin like some massage oils or bars can.  It lasts ages too and is a bargain at £3.49!  
4) Plan for something new and exciting - in my case, I am getting a puppy after lots of careful thought and planning. My mind has somewhat been taken off my chocolate addiction with all the puppy product online browsing I have been doing from Pet Planet and Zooplus.  I am loving these online pet stores for their range of products and great prices.  Puppy-products posts and news about my little baby to follow!

Do you have any other suggestions on how to curb those chocolate cravings?

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