Thursday, 11 December 2014

May on H&M Home

You know when you find one of those stores that sell cute homeware bits and you can't stop yourself checking their website more often than is normal to see if they've had any new product lines added? That's me with H&M's home department.

Considering I didn't even know H&M had a home department until 6 months ago, when I moved house, I have placed a few fairly substantial orders already. Oops. Everything is priced reasonably so I never do too much damage in one go. Honestly.

I love their cushion covers, which are sold separately from the actual padding so if you want to refresh your look and use what you already have, you can just swap covers over and get a new look for a really palatable price. I've also bought throws, candlesticks, vases, photo frames, storage baskets and all sorts of other little bits and bobs for around the house. All have been perfectly reasonable quality.

I tend to veer towards fairly natural, rustic-looking/coloured things although there are plenty of things on the cute/kooky side too. At the moment there are lots of copper-toned bits which I am very tempted with (I did succumb recently and buy a couple of cute tea light holders, as shown in the photo below).  They have no end of towels, bed linen and storage baskets and it is next to impossible not to find something I want to try each time I have a look.

Some of May's latest goodies from H&M Home
I do find, unfortunately, that the website can be a bit of a pain. It has crashed on me a few times and the pages tend to be fairly slow to load. That might just be my experience, and I'm sure it won't stop me looking. If you have put things in your basket, the website will remember that for up to 7 days, so if it does crash you shouldn't have to start again.

Not everything is always in stock and in my experience it is not unusual for an order to arrive in several parcels, a number of weeks apart. That is made quite clear when you order though, and only one postage cost (a flat rate of £3.90) is incurred, so I don't think this counts as a real negative.

It may be for the best that I don't live anywhere near a store that stocks the home products... 

A quick note from Mack:  Good prices, good returns policy, great range of contemporary-looking items - I am a fan of H&M Home too!

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