Thursday, 18 December 2014

May makes a festive non-alcoholic mulled 'wine'

When I was flicking through a friend's copy of the Country Living magazine a couple of weeks ago, I found a recipe for a spiced grape and cranberry juice that I thought would be perfect for the drivers and non-drinkers over Christmas.

I tested out the recipe last weekend and it went down as a massive hit with everyone, so I wanted to share the recipe with you.

By no means will anyone mistake this for mulled wine - it is fruitier and doesn't quite have the depth of wine, but I think it is a great replacement and I will definitely be making it on Christmas day (assuming I can find a spare saucepan...).

The recipe is as follows, and makes about 2 litres (which was plenty for 5 people to have a couple of glasses each, with more left over):

* 1 litre red wine juice
* 1 litre cranberry juice
* the juice of 1 orange
* 1 orange sliced then quartered
* 1 lemon sliced then quartered
* 50g soft brown sugar
* 1 cinnamon stick
* 2 cloves

Making this certainly won't keep you tied up in the kitchen for too long, and even I couldn't go far wrong with it. All of the ingredients need to go into a (large) saucepan and then gently heated until the sugar has dissolved and the drink is hot (the recipe suggests 10 minutes but mine took slightly longer). Ta da!

Apart from using orange juice from a bottle because I didn't have another whole orange, I stuck to the recipe as above. When I make this again, I think I'll add another clove and possibly another cinnamon stick - it can easily be taken out if necessary.

Not only does this taste great, the kitchen smells amazing when the flavours warm up. As my husband said, it smells like Christmas!

I hope you enjoy this if you give it a go. Let me know!


  1. i love the idea of none alcohol mulles wine as i dont drink

  2. Let me know if you make it ;) May x

  3. I'm definately going to do this for my kiddies for Christmas Eve... It's an amazing idea, we may leave a glass for santa too :)