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Mack reviews Memebox (part 2) - Hair & Body 4: Spa Edition box (#49)

Back in November 2014, I posted about Memebox, my decision to purchase the Hair and Body 4: Spa Edition box (box #49) and my fears about being charged a hefty customs fee (as the box was coming from South Korea).  I am so pleased to report that the box arrived within a week of its shipping date, all packaged safely in pink bubble wrap and there was NO CUSTOMS CHARGE!!!! I was delighted! 

I am really pleased with the contents of the box. Six full size products to enjoy and pamper myself with, with a value of approximately £79 (Memebox say its value is $125). Over the course of a week, I have tried the products and I think I may have discovered one or two real gems....

Here are my thoughts on the six products in this Memebox....

Milky Dress Pink Lovely Fast Shampoo - a hydrating and repairing shampoo which calms scalp irritation and strengthens hair.  This smelt lovely (floral without smelling too sweet or sickly).  I can suffer from scalp irritation and I noticed that my scalp did not feel itchy or irritated after using this product.  I have coloured, dry hair and use serum daily (which can result in a fair amount of product build-up in my hair).  This shampoo left my hair feeling clean, soft and smelling nice. Whether I would pay $40 for it is another question!  Who pays that price for shampoo?  It was a nice product to receive though!

Mstar Malus Intensive Hair Treatment - this smelt so good (of apples) that I wanted to eat it.  I have thick long hair and I used half of a tube with one wash (I am keeping the other half for a special occasion!).  My hair felt super glossy and smooth, both while I was applying the product and after I had blow-dried it. I would definitely like to buy it again (unfortunately it does not seem to be available to buy separately in the Memebox shop but I could always re-purchase this Memebox).  I normally use the Aussie range of hair treatments which also does good things for my hair, but the Mstar Malus was a nice treat and something different (variety is the spice!). I instantly saw and felt the benefits of this hair treatment, but I am not sure if someone with oily or normal hair would love it as much as I did.

Dermahouse Stretch Care Cream - After having two kids, I am no stranger to stretch marks.  A few months post-pregnancy, I got fed up of paying so much for stretch mark 'miracle cures' such as BioOil (which I don't doubt are good products) as I was getting through them so quickly. Today, I love and hate my stretch marks.  Love them because they remind me of my babies. Hate them because they can get itchy and do not coordinate well with swimwear/lingerie. So I was pleased to get a huge 180ml tube of this stretch mark cream from Memebox. My skin feels wonderfully moisturised and soothed after applying it. The tube will last a long time I'm sure.  However, no surprises, after a week's use, the stretch marks are still there.  Here's hoping with prolonged use they will fade. I'll report back if miracles happen.  Although it is a lovely moisturiser, there are plenty of good moisturisers available in the UK (such as the Palmers range for example).  I would only repurchase this cream if it actually helped to shift my stretch marks.

Nadu Skin Aroma Bathboom - Now, May will attest to the fact that I am a bath bomb addict. I was happy to see these little treats in this Memebox.  They are supposed to "cleanse and de-stress you by stimulating blood circulation after a long stressful day". The instructions were not in English so I took pot-luck and popped all 4 tablets into my bath (given that 1 tablet did not seem to do much on its own).  They melted instantly, and smelt amazing and turned the bath water slightly pink.  No bubbles (sob sob).  No extra-moisturisation of my skin (sob sob).  But I did feel relaxed and the bath smelt nice.  I won't go out my way to re-buy these again but they were a pleasant treat.  I will stick to Lush for their lovely bath treats (I feel a Lush post looming in the not-too-distant future...).

Swanicoco 100% Natural Peeling Herb Pack - This was an interesting product.  You are supposed to mix the herb powder with your facial or body wash and scrub away to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove skin impurities, and smooth course skin texture.  I used it with my Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap every other other day for a week and loved it!  After the week, I noticed that my skin was looking brighter and smoother.  I need to re-order this product or find out what herbs are in it!).  I still need a multitude of other products to tackle the oily skin, blackheads and odd spot, but this product did certainly give my skin a helping hand.  As, I have not come across this type of product in the UK, I will definitely look out for it.  It's not currently available to buy separately in the Memebox shop but I have spotted it on international eBay sites for approximately £11.  However, for  that price it would make sense to re-purchase this Memebox for approximately £14.

On to my favourite product in this box - Zamian Clean Foot.  This product made the box feel like a true spa-like pampering box.  I would pay the price of the box just for this product.  It comprises of a pair of very odd looking, essence-soaked socks that you put on, cover with the plastic bags provided and wear for an hour. You then wash the essence off your feet and over the next few days,  dead skin falls off your feet.  

Initially, I was dubious that it could be so easy to have softer, smoother feet without an intense foot scrub. However, after trying this product, I had feet that were the smoothest they had been in years!  Admittedly, the socks do not smell very nice (a bit like nail-varnish remover) and my feet were not too attractive whilst the peeling process was taking place. However, it's the results that count! 

Thanks to this product  I am officially a foot peel convert.  May (and all of you out there), you have to try this!!!  I love this product so much I have purchased the Foot Therapy Superbox (box #77) from Memebox.  I bought this for $22 (with discounts applicable at the time - see Bits and Boxes blog for these).  That box has arrived, again within one week of the shipping date and again, no customs charge.  I will review this box soon.  

In conclusion, I adore Memebox and now that I have discovered it my world would be sad without it. Shipping times are good and when you look at the value of the products you get, Memebox is very reasonably priced. The Hair and Body 4: Spa Edition box (box #49) is fun and full of good-sized products. It contains both everyday essentials and new, unique beauty products - so, for me, nothing went to waste.  And finally, if you haven't already tried them, you have to try the foot peeling socks! 

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