Monday, 22 December 2014

Mack and May's last minute tips for a happy Christmas day

We are no Christmas experts but we have survived a fair few and hope that our last-minute tips help you enjoy the day. They have certainly kept us sane on a couple of occasions! Please do share your tips with us too...
  • Plan ahead. We won’t tackle the issue of catering for the masses, but think ahead about how you would ideally like the day to pan out and come to an agreement with those that you need to about some basics such as whether TV will be allowed during the day, when presents will be opened, and what time is just TOO EARLY for the kids to get out of bed.  

Eat breakfast. Tempting as it is, we have never felt better for have dived straight into the Quality Street and Pringles. At least start the day with something vaguely healthy/ sensible. It’s all fair game from there of course – although if there is going to be alcohol involved, make sure that there is a plentiful supply of water on hand too, in an attempt to make Boxing Day slightly less painful! Maybe a big jug of iced water with sliced lemons on the table with lunch?

Don’t stress about the mess. Easier said than done, we know, but unless things get to the state when they pose a safety risk, relax and try to embrace it. The wrapping paper, boxes and heaps of new toys will be OK until the evening, or the next morning. If you know you can’t cope with it, make sure you have a couple of sturdy black bin liners around and that everyone knows to pitch in and tidy as they go. 

Take time for yourself. One of May’s favourite things to do when growing up was to wait until the excitement had died down and the roast potatoes digested, then dig out the most luxurious looking new pampering products (and preferably a new book too) and take off to the bathroom for a hot bubble bath, a face mask and a generous smothering of body lotion before collapsing into bed thoroughly exhausted. Bliss. 

We hope you have a wonderful day xx

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