Thursday, 27 November 2014

May on The Body Shop

The Body Shop is one of those places I’ve been shopping at for years and years and I know I can trust to deliver.  I’m sure anyone of my generation will remember the green plastic bags and the smell of White Musk and Dewberry in the school gym changing rooms.  The plastic bags may be long gone, as is my love of the fruit and dolphin shaped soaps, but I still love to buy bits on a fairly regular basis and always seem to find something new to try.

In store, I have never had anything but friendly and knowledgeable customer service although I tend to mainly shop online now - the website is easy to use, delivery is speedy (£2.99 for standard delivery although there are often free delivery offers) and there is often a really good discount across everything on the site.
The Body Shop’s ethics are well known, from the policy against testing on animals to the use of fair trade products, but this is not to the detriment of offering really good products that do the job.
In my teens and early twenties, I swore by the Blue Corn Scrub Mask and the Japanese Washing Grains. As my skin has changed, so of course have the products that I use. These days, I am more a fan of the Vitamin E range.
Away from skincare, I will always find a place in my bathroom for the shower gels. My current favourites are the Satsuma and Honeymania versions (as pictured below, along with a sneak peek of the cleansing oil which I'm currently testing and will review soon).  Speaking of Honeymania, I love the scent (although it doesn’t smell like honey to me) so have just bought the new hand cream. The scent of that is just as good as with the shower gel and I love the dinky size. I always end up buying a couple of the hand gels too (a fab UK alternative to the US’ Bath and Body Works version) and have just discovered the perfumes which come in the perfect size for handbags.

I am yet to really get into The Body Shop’s make up line. I’d be grateful for any recommendations for must-have products.
If The Body Shop has fallen off your radar, I’d definitely recommend taking another look and seeing if you can find some old favourites or add some new things to your routine.  I’m just kicking myself for not buying their advent calendar in time this year.

A quick note from Mack: Ah The Body Shop...memories of my teenage years come flooding back.  I was a living shrine to the Dewberry range back then.  Yes, I have to admit The Body Shop has indeed fallen off my radar.  However, May, you have got me curious to hunt out some classic favourites again such as their excellent Tea Tree Oil products and their dinky-sized shower gels (which are great when travelling), and of course, it would be great to find out about their latest products.


  1. I went off the Body shop for a long time but recently have been buying their body scrubs and body butters and really loving them :)

  2. Oh yes, the body butters are amazing too - perfect for this cold weather!