Monday, 17 November 2014

Mack reviews Memebox (part 1)

I am an avid fan of the beauty box. Although part of me is half-considering moving to the US as the choice of available beauty boxes is endless there, I have made it my mission for now to try every beauty box deliverable to the UK at least once.

The next box on my list is Memebox - made by a South Korean based company that sells the best-loved Korean beauty products in pretty, themed boxes. I do love Korean beauty products for their novelty, super cute packaging and most importantly, for how good they are!

Memeboxes contain 4 - 7 full-sized items and deluxe samples, and contents include makeup, skin care, hair and body products. You pay a one-off price for a themed box of products (so many themes to choose from!) and prices average at around £14 ($23) per box excluding shipping as at October 2014. 

There are two shipping options - standard (delivery in 10-25 business days) and express (3 to 7 business days). Each themed box has a set shipping date. On the Memebox site, you can see which boxes are ready to ship now and which boxes are scheduled to ship in the coming weeks. Memebox ships to several international countries currently (the UK being one of them).  

From what I have researched, Memebox offers interesting beauty products which are different to those on the UK market and a diverse choice of themed boxes to satisfy every taste, age-range and beauty need. 

So far, Memebox sounds perfect. I signed up for a Memebox account and was given 3 Memepoints (equivalent to $3) as a perk of joining.  I could spend hours going through the description for every box.  The Beauty 911 box (box # 58) appealed to me the most as there are some days I feel I need emergency medical staff to apply my foundation.  Plus, the box promised to offer a wide range of essentials that I felt I would definitely use at some point. However, as I would have to wait 4 weeks for the shipping to start for this box (and then wait a further 10-25 business days for standard delivery), my impatience got the better of me and in the end, I chose the Hair and Body 4: Spa Edition box (box #49) as it is due to be shipped in the next week and I do love my spa treatments. It cost $21.99 (approx. £13.76) after the credit of 3 Memepoints was applied and I used a discount code for a further 5% off (which I found on Bits and Boxes blog). If all goes well with my first order, I will add the Beauty 911 box to my "Memebox shopping list".

You may have picked up on the bit of doubt in my mind when I said "If all goes well". I have little doubt the products will be interesting, if not amazing. However, as a UK customer, it is the potential customs charge that is worrying me slightly. The Memebox website makes it clear that the purchaser is responsible for paying any applicable customs and import charges.  Some people in the UK have had to pay a customs charge for their Memeboxes (which can be more than the price of the box itself), whilst there are others who have been lucky and not had to pay a customs charge (see the MakeupTalk forum and A Nesting Nomad's blog). We shall see what happens. However, if Sod's Law is anything to go by, I should put some pennies aside for the customs charge. 
Check out our follow-up post on Memebox where I will review of the delivery time to the UK, customs charge (if any) and, more importantly, the contents of the Memebox!

A quick note from May:  This sounds right up your street, Mack! I can see you loving the cute packaging and being able to spend hours looking for just the right  box. I don't know how I'd narrow it down with all that choice, but I look forward to learning about your product recommendations (hopefully!) once your box arrives.

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