Monday, 24 November 2014

Mack reviews Daily 4 Me from Inner Me

I recall watching an episode of Dragons Den last year and feeling inspired by a lady named Nikki Cooper who was seeking investment to market her beautifully packaged vitamins.  I remember thinking "If those vitamins help me to look as beautiful and radiant as her, I want them!".  Moreover, Nikki's story moved me. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Nikki emersed herself into researching ways of keeping her condition at bay (which included taking a range of supplements) and subsequently, with the aid of nutritionists and pharmacists, she developed the Inner Me range of vitamins.

I was delighted when earlier this year Inner Me opened its online shop.  Since then, I have been fan of the Daily 4 Me vitamins which provide you with all the goodness you need in a handy, portable daily strip of supplements.  

Each strip has a multivitamin and mineral Tablet, an Omega 3 Capsule, an anti-oxidant capsule and a probiotic capsule.  A box contains a month's supply and costs £30 as at December 2014.

I stockpiled on the Daily 4 Me vitamins a few months ago, but note that Inner Me have released new ranges of the Daily 4 Me vitamins which are specifically targeted for the following age ranges: teens to 20's, 30's to 40's and over 50's. So my next buy will be the box for the 30's to 40's (in hope that it will make me feel like I'm in my teens to 20's again!).

I take the strip of supplements after breakfast with water every day.  I don't like taking tablets generally so it can sometimes feel like I have to make an effort to take them.  However, over the course of several months, my energy levels have increased (and trust me, they were low after running around after a 6 and 5 year old!), my digestive system is...erm..working better, my nails are noticeably stronger and I have not had as many colds in 2014, compared to the previous year. So it's a tiny price to pay for a healthier body and the general boost I genuinely feel they have given me.  I just now need to get round to reinstating my gym membership and I will be the ultimate picture of health!

Have you tried any of the other products in the Inner Me vitamin range?  Would love to know your thoughts...

A quick note from May: I'm glad these are working for you, Mack.  The packaging is super cute and I love that you get more than just the usual multivitamins.  I may have to give these a go!

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