Monday, 17 November 2014

Mack on the "Mack and May blog"

Some time ago, I started a beauty blog but life got in the way and much to my dismay, I didn't take it further than 3 posts! Blogging is like running a need a set plan, drive and commitment, and the time and ability to nuture the blog.

The burning ambition to blog about things I am passionate about (beauty, shopping and lifestyle subjects) has always lingered. When I happened to log in by accident to Blogger and see how many views a post on my old blog had accumulated since I had abandoned it, I was inspired to re-create a blog and work hard to make it something creative, helpful and meaningful to others.

Fortunately, my good friend, May, shares the same vision. May and I have created this blog to give honest reviews about the good and the not so good products we come across, discuss all things beauty, home and lifestyle related and share tips. May and I are similar in some ways, but different in many others and we hope our diverse tastes, opinions and selves give you a more-rounded view of the products we review.

We hope to build a community of friends and followers who share the same interests as us and have fun as we try to live out our blogging dreams (hey, at least it gives us an extra excuse to shop more).

Please have a look at our About Us page and enjoy our blog. We would love to hear your feedback.

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